Organic: Agriculture

Organic agricultural products are already producing and consuming more and more over time. The Organic International Certificate (Agriculture) has many benefits:

1. Protecting future generations: We have to provide healthy foods to preserve future generations. The risk of pesticides that causes cancer in a child's nutritional contents is greater than that of an adult, because the future health of a child depends on the right choices of foods.

2. Preventing soil erosion: Soil is the foundation of the food chain in organic farming. The cultivation of chemical fertilizers is subjected to a structure that can be easily lost by erosion or water erosion in the conventional agriculture, which has become a blaze.

3. Protecting water quality: Water accounts for 70% of our body weight and our planet. As a result of the combination of rural pharmaceuticals and other chemicals in groundwater and surface water sources, the lives of all living beings, including humans, are directly at stake.

4. Energy Loss: Modern agriculture consumes more gasoline and fuel oil than other industries. Gasoline and fuel oil are more commonly used in plumbing, fertilization and fertilization processes. Techniques in organic agriculture are less so when it comes to conventional agriculture. At the very least, the use of pest control and the use of chemicals and fertilizers prevent energy loss

5. Cleanup of Chemicals: Many agricultural chemicals are being investigated to determine if they have caused cancer or other diseases before being consumed. However, since these are produced to destroy living things, there is a high probability that it will harm people. It has been proven that pesticides can cause cancer, cause birth problems, nervous system and genetic disorders. The main reason for these risks is the systemic use of pesticides.

6. Protecting Workers: The health of agricultural workers is particularly at risk, especially in countries where agricultural chemicals are widely used and uncontrolled. These individuals are also more likely to have cancer. Each year, it is estimated that one million people are poisoned by agricultural drugs.

Organic International Certificate (Agriculture) is issued in accordance with EU and US standards. Each Organic International Certificate is different. Enterprises that have received the Organic International Certificate must necessarily obtain the Organic Certificate required by the country of export.

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