BRC: Food Safety

British Retailers - The Food Safety Standard, established by the British Consortium of 1998, is a standard that covers the conditions for the elimination of nutritional risks and hazards in food production facilities for hygiene, health and safety. 

BRC Food Safety Standards:

  • BRC Food – Food
  • BRC/lop – Packaging
  • BRC CPS – Consumer Products
  • BRC Storage and Distrubition – Warehousing and Distributors
  • BRC Non GM – Non GMO products

​The BRC International Certificate indicates that a product also meets HACCP terms and has the necessary legal conditions. This also ensures that the product is delivered to a better marketplace over time. That is, when you apply the BRC standard, you also apply the HACCP system requirements.
Benefits of applying BRC requirements and obtaining an International Certificate:

  • You are applying HACCP standard.
  • Provides increased customer confidence
  • Expands the market share
  • Ensures compliance with legal provisions on food safety
  • Increases production profit
  • You have implemented the Quality Management System
  • Ensures you regularly perform internal audits of your products and employees
  • You have implemented the HACCP standard
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