ISO 27001:2022

ISO 27001:2022 Information Security Management System

Information is one of the most important values ​​for the sustainability of an organization's work. While many things can be recovered from the loss situation, the lost data has no value. For this reason, in the ever changing and evolving world, the importance of protecting and protecting information is growing. Data can be stored electronically in writing, in words, in workers' memories, and more. Many of these types of storage may not be used or modified over time due to technological development. Due to these changes and developments, data security needs to be questioned and monitored continuously. Information security is the protection of the confidentiality, integrity and use of information. 

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System is a management system that covers people, processes and information systems and is supported by senior management in the organization of information security. It is designed to protect the availability of information and to provide adequate and extensive security checks to its stakeholders. ISO 27001 Information Security Management System covers organizational structure, policies, planning activities, responsibilities, applications, procedures, processes and resources. Companies that apply this standard can easily obtain the ISO 27001:2022 International Certificate.​

Why ISO 27001:2022 International Certificate?

It is not possible for an organization to maintain information security and business continuity simply by providing technical preconditions, and it is widely accepted around the world that it is a type of ITS. It is necessary to guide the security policies that will be created within the CIP and to support and apply to all workers. Also, the fact that all individuals and organizations cooperating in accordance with these policies is a factor that increases security.

What  are the benefits of the ISO 27001:2022 International Certificate?

  • Provides accurate, unbiased and relevant information.
  • The attachment prevents unnecessary workload and loss of time.
  • Minimizes risks.
  • Provides business continuity.
  • Provides protection of information confidentiality.
  • Increases awareness of how information systems and vulnerabilities are protected across the organization.
  • Provides protection, integrity and integrity of information and methods.
  • Criteria enforced by legal entities are met.
  • Attacks on information are prevented.
  • Provides competitive advantage.
  • Protect valuable data: Defines and implements security controls with built-in controls.
  • Business continuity: It guarantees job security for many years. It also has the ability to continue working during a disaster.
  • Peacemaking with related parties: Gains the confidence of the related parties as it protects information, including its suppliers.
  • It protects information through a system and does not allow for coincidences.
  • When it comes to customer value, it is better to count on its competitors.
  • Increases the motivation of the students.
  • Provides high prestige​.

​Who is interested in ISO 27001:2022 International Certificate?

The ISO 27001:2022 International Certificate is applicable to all large and small organizations, no matter what country or sector of the world. This standard is indispensable for large organizations such as the financial, health, government and IT sectors. The sectors that need to obtain the ISO 27001:2022 International Certificate are:

  • Companies that sign employment contracts
  • Banks
  • Companies that sign a privilege agreement
  • Companies providing satellite services
  • Firms that provide fixed telephony services
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Mobile operators
  • İnternet operators
  • İnformation portals
  • GSM 1800 mobile airline companies
  • Companies that integrate into e-commerce
  • Customs Companies
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