About us

ALMA Consulting is an international company providing research, consulting, management and ISO International Certification Services. We specialize in economic, small and medium-sized ownership, agriculture, social and governance, and private sector development, and we aim to provide real benefits to the community through our work. We are one of the leading professional consulting and management companies in Azerbaijan.

Our customers are always pleased with the high quality of our research, consultation, research and international certification. We help our clients to see the real context, questions and needs. We look at them from different perspectives and develop new activities and visions. ALMA shifts the exteptations and takes an extra mile.

Our Quality Policy:

✔ Maintain customer satisfaction at a high level.
✔ Maintain constant interaction with customers.
✔ Prioritize innovation in project and administrative work.
✔ The customer is our friend.
✔ Continually boost motivation inside.
✔ Continuous improvement at all times.
✔ The development of the staff is the development of the organization.
✔ Provide continuity of training.

Our mission

To be one of the leading consulting companies with professionalism.

Our vision

ALMA Consulting attaches importance to the necessity of cooperation with its partners and clients. It creates new benchmarks in this field, demonstrates the special importance of consulting in business, and we are happy to note that we provide a competitive service. For this purpose, we move in parallel with the development, and we are happy to provide flexible and innovative assistance to our partners and customers.

Our values

Our leadership, friendship, integrity, reliability and strong structure are our core values. Our values always remain connected.