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ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management System

It is an unthinkable fact that this circle, where a person lives and lives together, disappears as a result of the emerging technology and industry. The growing global prestige, the rapid growth and advancement of technology, the shrinking of habitat, the exploitation of the environment, noise, faulty research, data deficiencies, and many possible additions to the environment have been critical in recent years.

Since the second half of the 20th century, environmental problems and pollution, which have become one of the most menacing challenges, have become even more acute as a result of industrialization. In the past, it was simply regarded as a contamination and the environmental problems of local status, without gaining international status, grew rapidly and became a worldwide problem. At this point, environmental standards and local and global environmental laws have been introduced to reduce environmental damage. In this case, the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard has been established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to protect the environment. ISO 14001 is a standard aimed at minimizing damage to the environment, land, water and air. Organizations that apply this standard can easily obtain the ISO 14001:2015 International Certificate.

What are the benefits of the ISO 14001:2015 International Certificate?

  • Improvement of compliance with national or international legislation.
  • Increasing environmental performance.
  • Difference in market strategies.
  • Advantages in international competition.
  • Improvement in enterprise confidence and market share.
  • Reduce costs and increase productivity with improved cost control.
  • Accidents, etc., resulting in liability for preparing for emergencies and accidents. a significant reduction in incidents.
  • Source control and reduction of contamination.
  • Energy saving.
  • Easily obtain permits and authorities.
  • Ensure the ISO 14001:2015 International Certificate is adopted in the global marketplace as a common language known and used worldwide.
  • The impact of organization / structure activities on the environment and environmental risks can be monitored by identifying and reducing environmental impacts.
  • Expenses from environmental impacts are reduced.
  • Compliance with environmental laws and regulations is provided.
  • Environmental impacts that may arise in emergencies are reduced or eliminated altogether.
  • Legal entities may be provided with a documented Environmental Management System Document and ISO 14001:2015 International Certificate of Compliance.
  • It is an element that gives prestige to the enterprise, while gaining national and international recognition.
  • Thanks to the training provided to the company's employees, it helps to raise awareness about the environment for employees.
  • Working in an environmentally friendly enterprise motivates employees.
  • Consumers are meeting their environmental expectations and increasing their chances of reaching out and earning informed consumers. 
  • Resources are used efficiently.
  • The emissions to the environment are minimized.


Who can obtain the ISO 14001:2015 International Certificate?

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Standard has been adopted as a product and service passport for companies seeking to gain a global and local image. The standard can be applied by all organizations and manufacturers offering products and services, including industry and government agencies.

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